January 06, 2019 , 10:00am - 10:00pm


2nd Lane, Hindustan Park, Kolkata- 700029

17 March 2018


An opportunity to put forward your experience of travelling the streets of Kolkata during the monthly Sketchwalk sessions, and expressing them through sketches, the exhibition intends to display the flavor of Kolkata, its urbanscape, landscape, heritage and cultural diversity through the inquisitive eyes and sketches of its citizens.

Send in as many entries as you can, on the sketches developed during the KAF Sketchwalks, and get a chance to win cash prizes and special mentions. All good resolution and completed sketches will get a chance to be displayed in the travelling exhibition. Let us encourage and empower the community to take pride in our city, and to help where it is needed. Let's sketch for a cause!

Submission requirements:

  1. All sketches must be shared in JPG/PDF/TIFF format, with resolution of at least 300 dpi and minimum 5MB size;

  2. Each participant may send multiple entries;

  3. Each sketch must be submitted with the full name of the participant, their email ID and contact details;

Next dates for Exhibition to be announced SOON! Stay tuned!

17 March 2018

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